Lenora Howard

Lenora Howard is a native Houstonian, born and raised in Spring, TX.  One day, early in childhood, Lenora read the works of Shel Silverstein and caught a permanent case of the writer's bug.  Lenora spent hours memorizing Silverstein's poems and began creating her own.  Poetry has been a constant in her life, though we'll quickly skip over those brooding teenage years.  When called upon, Lenora has the ability to merely think and rhymes pop out, and she really should just sit down to write a few children's books.  Lord knows they're in there.  Most of her poetry these days revolves around contests or topics that really bother her.  She is a firm believer in writing about what makes you uncomfortable, because those are the topics that need to be discussed more.

While in high school she wrote a novel that we will never speak of again.  So cliche and ridiculous is this novel that it might rival a certain smut series involving many shades of a particular color.  (Hint:  The color is grey.)

From there, she went to A&M University in Commerce, TX (no, not the REAL A&M, sorry folks) with the intention of becoming a photographic journalist, and then a child psychologist, and then settled into a degree in Elementary Education.  However, she soon found that teaching wasn't her thing and that it takes a very special person to become a teacher.   So now she works as a legal secretary at a law firm, but her real career is the written word.  She has too many projects to tackle at once and is bursting at the seams with ideas.

While her first published book is the first of a young adult/fantasy trilogy, her heart belongs to the dark and creepy.  The thrill of the horror novel.  

She lives with her husband Justin, her daughter Lilly and her zoo of animals.  (two cats, one bearded dragon and a tank full of fish)

Becoming "mom" has made writing more of a challenge, but it has also inspired her to be MORE.

In her free time (when the wild child is sleeping) she enjoys playing Fallout 4, Skyrim, listening to audiobooks, indulging in her Whovian obsession (aka crying about Rose & 10 some more), riding her bike in nice weather, and loving all things nerdy.

She hopes that one day the world will love her work as much as she does.