Book Reviews

After one too many encounters with internet trolls on YouTube, I decided to delete my audio book reviews from the website. Also, with full time working mom life I don’t have the time to spend on creating videos without interruption. I also shut down my WordPress blog, as I hadn’t used it in over 5 years. Everything in one website I think.

I’ll be posting updates on my website, audio book reviews, short stories and everything else.

Most of my audio books were purchased through either or, BOTH of which I highly recommend. Recently though, I’ve downloaded an app called “Libby”. It’s an app that connects you to your local libraries and gives you the ability to borrow audio books for up to 14 days. For a book binger like me, that’s plenty of time.

So expect a lot of reviews. Just like my videos, I’ll be posting my opinion of the story (without spoilers of course), a review of the author’s writing style, and how I felt about the narration quality.

Hope you enjoy!