Current Projects

Below are the novels that I am currently working on and my progress with them.  


The Mages' Circle  
Book Two of the Cellestrian Chronicles


With the door to her world closed, Sara is forced to rely on the charity of strangers.  Cellestria is an enchanting but dangerous place filled with various races of colorful individuals.  With the help of king Asher and his companions, The Scarlet Blades, the group sets off to The Mages' Circle; a hidden tower where mages learn to practice magic.  With any luck they will learn of a portal that can transport Sara back to Earth.  Far from the comforts of home Sara begins having strange visions of a woman long dead, begging for Sara's help.  The spirit is convinced that a powerful necromancer will revive her spirit, and only Sara's unique abilities can save her.  Can Sara solve the mystery surrounding the woman's murder, stop the necromancer AND get home in one piece?  Or will she be driven down into the ground with the rest of the dead by the darkest of magic?

PROGRESS:  80% Complete / Editing and polishing / Current Approximate Page Count:  517 Pages
Status Updated 12/1/15

The War of Ages
Book Three of the Cellestrian Chronicles


Sara's shade has taken over Sara's life and refuses to leave Earth.  With the defeat of Morthales, and the release of Lyeera, Sara is at a loss about what to do next.  She is torn on whether to stay with the love of her life, or return back to her normal life on Earth.  The shade demands that Sara bring back written commands for her eviction to Cellestria, and when they arrive back they find Cellestria to be overrun by the dead, lead by Morthales himself.  Can Sara stop the oncoming horde of magic wielding corpses and force the shade back where she belongs?  Or will she succumb to the fate of those that she fights?

PROGRESS:  40% Complete / Writing / Current Approximate Page Count: